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Destiny’s April Update gets detailed in a new trailer

Destiny is getting a major update this month, and Bungie isn’t shy about showing off what the update will contain.

The trailer shows developers talking about the new inclusions and changes that the update brings to the Taken King expansion of Destiny.

Notable changes include the Winter’s Run Strike, which has been retooled with new enemies and new mechanics, the developers say. One of the major changes coming to the game is the change in light level. The new top light level is 335. Getting your guardian to the max level wont be a problem anymore, either. According to the developers, any mode that a player enjoys will allow players to raise their light level to the max.

The Prison of Elders mode is getting an entire new area dedicated to the Taken enemy type, and will include eight total new bosses.

There seems to be a whole bunch of content on its way for Bungie’s multi-million dollar game for fans to explore. As someone who played Destiny for awhile with a dedicated team, but barely managed to reach max level, these additions are welcome. A new story mode should shed some more light on the enigmatic universe, and there is still a wealth of ways to play competitive multiplayer.

For players who fell out of the game on their own, this may not be enough to draw you back in, but if you still play Destiny regularly, the content should provide some incentive for hours of play.

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