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ZHEROS Debuts on Steam

Brain meets braun in this intergalactic beat ’em up.

Save the galaxy? check. Kick some a$$? check. Rimlight studios brings us the quirky title, ZHEROS, now available on Steam. Currently available for Xbox One, ZHEROS is a high-energy sci-fi action game.

Fight against Dr. Vendetta’s robotic army as he attempts to turn every living creature into an army of bad-tempered minions. Use your shields to defend, before unleashing your six-chambered plasma cannons to wreak havoc on your enemies.

Play as the strung yet bumbling Mike, or the smart and ready for anything Captain Dorian. And if their know-how is not enough, randomly-placed mech armor can be found to aid you, destroying anything standing in your way.

ZHEROS is now available for XBOX One at $19.99, on Steam for $14.99, and will be coming to Playstation 4 this spring. Brought to you by Rimlight Studios.

source: gamespress.com

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