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Super Star Wars makes the trench run on the PSN

Just a reminder that one of the craziest (and best) Star Wars games of all time is hitting Sony’s current crop of consoles this week.

First launched in 1992 (and I remember that Christmas WELL thanks to it), Super Star Wasr kicked off what would become a trilogy of games for the Super Nintendo that mirrored the original films in George Lucas’ (now Disney’s) sci-fi saga. All three games are classics as far as I’m concerned, and I love all of them. Super Star Wars though, that one holds a special place in my heart.

Not only was the game the first in the series, it was also basically the only thing that I played all day long that Christmas Day, after yanking it free from under the tree and opening it up that morn. Ah memories… and now that it’s being re-released, I and tons of other gamers can relive that magic moment.

The nice thing too, is that the game hasn’t aged poorly at all thanks to it’s sprite-based graphics. It still looks and sounds awesome, and is every bit as playable as ever. And now it’s playable in more places than ever too, thanks to the fact that it’s seeing release on not only the PS4, but also the PS Vita.

Featuring a cross-buy price (which means you get both), Super Star Wars is playable on Sony’s home and away console of the moment, and even has a nice selection of updates to make it more palatable for the modern gamer. Leaderboards and trophies are included this time, and you’ll even find new ‘save game’ options included to make things flow a little smoother.

Super Star Wars is the first in a series of ports that were announced in the late Summer. And though they were all announced by Sony, none have been confirmed to be PlayStation exclusives, so you jus might see them popping up on the Xbox and maybe even the PC and Wii U as well at some point.

For now though, if you want to play Super Star Wars, you’ll be doing it on PlayStation. You can grab it today on the PSN at some point; though I should point out too, that a search of the service just now (12:38pm EST) showed no listing.

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