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The Legend of Legacy (3DS) Review

The Legend of Legacy is an updated version of the JRPG, simplifying many features while maintaining a classic feel.

FuRyu, the developers, chose to deviate from a linear storyline to an open world. Now you can explore the mysterious island Avalon as seven different playable characters, each with their own unique storyline. FuRyu wants the player to proceed to the ultimate goal as they desire. While a noble intention, the open world left me confused about how to proceed rather than free to explore. The updated battle system and leveling system streamlines a usually tedious mechanic, but repetitive grinding still dominates gameplay. The Legend of Legacy is a little bit of a mixed bag.

The Legend of Legacy characters

Again, FuRyu decided to make their game open-world, allowing the player to explore and interact with Avalon as they wanted. This freedom is both fun and frustrating. Most JRPGs are very linear and the freedom to explore areas as I desired was refreshing. However, there were a few points when I felt lost and there was little guidance within the game. I ended up wandering around areas, leading the story to a place that seemed disjointed and hard to follow. Basically, while one of the things I normally enjoy in JRPGs is the story, The Legend of Legacy’s open world ends up undermining the story.

Completed portion of a map

The open world will allow you plenty of time to explore the world though. The isometric, top-down map style is a classic approach. Although, unlike most JRPGs, enemies are visible as shadow beasts roaming the map and can be avoided with careful maneuvering, but battles are still an integral part of the game.

The battle system has been streamlined and made very efficient. Formations are the key to the battle system as characters level up depending on what role they are in. There are three roles at the beginning: attack, guard, and support. While each character can use abilities outside the one they are assigned, they will only level the role they are in. This is very important to track for leveling characters appropriately.

Leveling in the game is also been abridged. Each ability level is based on use and is independent of character level. Leveling is slightly a mystery because there is no indication in terms of experience points. Abilities and roles level during battle, while HP and SP level after battle is resolved. The level system seems fair, if opaque, and the separation of abilities and character leveling is a nice change.

While The Legend of Legacy deviates from the genre in some ways, the battle grind stays true. The maps are littered with enemies and they can be brutal. Exploring the maps leads to enemy encounters and exploring is fundamental to the open world game, leading to grinding in order to complete the maps. There is also a disparity between some of the bosses and regular enemies. In one area there are massive creatures that would destroy my party while the rest of the enemies were a cakewalk. Some players will enjoy the grind, but skip The Legend of Legacy if it’s not your cup of tea.

Filmia leveling up during battle

Final Thoughts

Some of The Legend of Legacy’s innovations improved gameplay, but others missed the mark. Combined with the lackluster story and heavy battle grind, The Legend of Legacy is a moderately enjoyable JRPG. The beautiful art and classic design as well as fun battle system make the game worth checking out though.

If you are a fan of grind-heavy JRPGs, pick it up immediately; otherwise, proceed with caution.


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