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Share user-created content across platforms with Gunscape

A first-person shooter where you get to build out the maps is cool enough, but being able to then share that content across consoles and the PC/Mac is all kinds of awesome.

“Our goal is to develop a first-person shooter that’s fun to play and empowers players to create their own levels, which can be shared and enjoyed by as many people as possible,” said Benjamin Lee, CEO of Blowfish Studios. “By delivering the world’s first user-created content sharing system that ubiquitously works with all the major consoles and PC, we will achieve just that.”

Described as an homage to classic FPS titles by the developers at Blowfish Studios, Gunscape is heading to just about every platform out there. The kick of course, is that you can not only build your own levels in the game, but you can also share those levels across every console or computer that you can play the game on.

A first for the industry, Blowfish also wants to stress the ease of use for the sharing feature that the game offers. And lest you think that this is going to be all multiplayer, you can do just about anything in Gunscape. Not that you can’t make multiplayer blast-feats (with up to 20 players online and split-screen local play), because you can, but you can also build single-player campaign missions and even co-op levels to your heart’s content.

Blowfish says you can get pretty “intricate” with the design here too, and that the assets (weapons, enemies, etc…) that you’ll get to play around with will all be inspired by classic FPS’ of the past.  As an old school FPS fan myself, that all sounds like a little slice of heaven.

Getting back to the hook that we mentioned earlier, once you’re all done building, you can share your levels across the “Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Mac, Linux, and PC”, which is fantastic. All platforms will release at the same time too, so whatever you make and upload will get max exposure right out of the gate.

You will have to wait a tad longer because of the multi-platform nature of the game though, as some consoles and the PC were set to originally launch this month. Since things have gone to a more complete picture as goes the release for the game, Gunscape is now ready to hit in January, 2016.

Still, if Blowfish can come through on what they’re promising, it’ll be worth the extra time.

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