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DC TV heroes paperweights hit Previews this month

Remember those DC Comics statuettes that we told you about? The ones that are styled after the publisher’s TV properties and are being offered as paperweights? You can pre-order them right now.

So these guys are actually pretty awesome, especially since the flow of merchandise based on the DC Comics television universe is still remarkably slim. Pretty much all the shows that the’ve had have been hits too (don’t get me started on Constantine), so you’d probably expect to see more in the way of… stuff.

And yet, there really isn’t too much out there. So it’s a good thing then that Icon Heroes has your fandom covered with these initial offerings from their new lineup of paperweights. That’s what the company is calling them anyway, though I imagine that these three would look equally cool just standing in your bookshelf, next to your stack of graphic novels or DVDs/Blu Rays.

In any event, you can now officially preorder all of them at your local comics shop thanks to the Previews magalog. August’s issue is loaded with the usual assortment of awesome stuff, of which these are a part.

Each will run you $50.00 USD, and they’re sculpted with the likenesses of Stephen Amell (as he appeared in the first ‘Hood’ season of Arrow), Grant Gustin (Flash), and Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/The Atom). You can find the terrific trio on page 598 of this current issue.

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