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Can you escape the prison in Prison Escape Puzzle?

Prison escape puzzle is available on iPhone, Ipad and Android devices and it’s a nifty little puzzler that will test your mind as you solve puzzles and collect items to aid in your escape. The game is challenging however not too difficult.

The visuals are striking and vibrant especially on my iPad mini.  The premise of the game is simple you have to escape from your prison cell using an array of items. The game is simple but this does not detract from the experience, however my one little complaint would be the overall shortness of the game, which was a little over 15 minutes with out consulting any walkthrough or anything of the like. Also adverts, although not intrusive the full screen adverts do sometimes remove you from the game plus with every room you are treated to an advert, which is a shame.

The game is a simple click to play game which tasks you with using your head and wits to figure out where the items are, its pretty straightforward and anyone who is a fan of detective dramas will have no problems here.

The puzzles presented in the game are relatively straight forward and will pose a slight challenge to some. However nothing really threw me off course at all.

Overall this game is enjoyable for a quick playthrough, there is not much replay value but its nice to see the developers updating the game with new tweaks and I look forward to seeing what they put out next.

Get the game here:

iOS Android Amazon

Have you played the game? let me know what you think.


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