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The Doctors Who are coming to LEGO Dimensions

The 12th Doctor will indeed be a part of the upcoming LEGO Dimensions, but he’s bringing a few friends and a ton of content with him.

That shot of the Doctor and Doc Brown is gold. GOLD.

Warner Bros is doing some pretty impressive work with LEGO Dimensions overall. And while we knew for some time that there would be Doctor Who sets included in the mix somewhere, the quality of that content is pretty fantastic. I have to imagine too, that that’s the same level of inclusion that the myriad of other properties included in the game will receive, which is ever-so-slightly staggering.

From the trailer, you already got a good sense of the scope here, but there are a few other mentionables worth talking about. The primary set (which is in addition to the actual game that you also have to buy), includes a “mission-based” Doctor level to play through, The Doctor (12th), the TARDIS, and K-9. Then if you really want to geek out on the Doc, you can grab the Fun Pack, which includes Dalek and Cyberman minifigures.

Companions Clara Oswald and Missy are also set to be in the game (but not have minifigures), and then there’s also the super-cool way that you can lose in the game as the Doctor. Yes, I said ‘lose’. Normally something that you don’t want to see happen to you, when the 12th Doctor gets killed in a level, he reverts back to the original Doctor, and then subsequently regenerates through the whole cycle of 13 (including the War Doctor) till he gets back to number 12. And if you’re a Doctor Who fan, then you probably just closed and/or clicked off of this and went to pre-order whatever you can.


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