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The final Club Nintendo goodies are live on the site- make your final picks now

The last offerings of Club Nintendo are posted for ‘purchase’, and the rewards system is going out with a bang.

I’m not sure if Club Nintendo is closing due to lack of interest or that Nintendo just doesn’t want to put out the funds to cover the freebies anymore, but I have a feeling that if it had the breadth of stock all along, it would have been way more popular with gamers. The company added a ton and a half of games to the service today, and supplemented that with some pretty nifty physical offerings that you can have in just 2 to 4 months (that’s the ship time… no really).

Zelda fans in particular should be stoked as there are some cool Majora’s Mask things to buy, including a puzzle and a messenger bag that looks all kinds of cool. And, as I mentioned, if you’re in the market for games, there’s a mother-load. From the GameBoy right up to the Wii U, there’s a very impressive swath of games available for purchase and download with your coins/stars, so you can really stock up, depending on what’s in your treasury at the moment.

The goods will be available through the end of this coming June, so there’s no rush to make up your mind I suppose (though I have to wonder how long those physical rewards are going to last). Thought it should also be mentioned that you won’t be able to sign up or register anything after March 31st, and games released after January 31st are ineligible for registration. For those of you mourning the loss of the Club, and I’m sure there are a few, Nintendo will be launching a brand new service some time in the future, more on that as is comes in.

Oh and a word of warning, the site looks to be getting hammered today, as I’m having all kinds of trouble logging in. So you might be waiting a while to get on and get your stuff.

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