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Could another X-Files movie be in the works?

The last film may have missed the mark, but according to actress Gillian Anderson, all parties are into another flick based on the series, and it just might get done thanks to crowd-funding.

Okay, so the X-Files isn’t the only thing that Anderson, who for years played Agent Dana Scully on the hit TV show, talks about here in the above video, but the show is definitely still occupying her thoughts to some degree.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox on “Taking Stock”, X-File’s star Gillian Anderson said “we could crowd fund an X-Files movie – yeah.” She went on to say “yes, yeah, sure. Yes. I mean that ultimately what’s keeping it from happening – I mean other than Fox giving the go-ahead which is not a small issue. But yeah – crowdfunding is a good idea.”

Furthering speculation, Anderson says that not only is co-star David Duchovny interested in another return to the FBI’s paranormal investigations branch, but so is series creator Chris Carter. That’s a pretty big deal in and of itself since without Carter, nothing would more than likely move forward in any meaningful way.

Interest in more X-Files is definitely there too amongst the fan base as IDW’s ‘season 10‘ comic book is rolling along quite nicely and the supernatural is a very common theme these days in terms of TV and movies. I’d love to see a revival of the film series as I was (and still am) a huge fan and there’s a lot more there to explore.

In the meantime though, there’s always the comics.


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