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Saturday Radar: GamesRadar’s best for the week of 6/9/14

E3 week meant a heavy dose of the biggest show of the year on GR.

The most awkward, uncomfortable moments of E3 2014

Well, it wouldn’t be E3 without a ton of embarrassingly bad stage moments from the biggest presenters at the convention. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, and Ubisoft all had some great stuff packed into their respective press conferences (or ‘Direct’ presentations), but there was no shortage of truly awful moments in there as well.

My personal picks: The bearded developer demoing Just Dance at Ubisoft, Conker’s head-scratching appearance, the ridiculous amount of tim devoted to The Sims on stage at EA, the shadow of grim-death and boredom that descended on Sony’s presser right in the middle, the train wreck that was Shawn Layden, and Miyamoto’s odd stare into oblivion at the end of his segment. I think my ‘favorite’ weirdo thing about the con didn’t even make GR’s list though; that being the MONSTROUSLY BAD segues at the Nintendo Treehouse. Staring into the camera for minutes on end while the team cues up the next segment never looked so embarrassingly terrible.

Read on for more groaners.

Missed E3 2014? Here’s what to say to your friends

Although it’s difficult for me to imagine (you did read the huge pile of articles on BG this past week right?), you just might have missed out on most or all of the big show if school or work was taking up the lion’s share of your time this past week.

Well, GR to the rescue as the website and author Andy Hartup briefly walk you through all the highlights of the show that was the 2014 E3 so you don’t sound like a total gaming-goof in front of your buds. Almost everything here is good fun and really encapsulates the majority of stuff that gamers tend to think and say about the industry in general- that being said, maybe don’t say all of it. Always better to make up your own mind after all.

Read on for the water-cooler chat primer.

The goriest, nastiest moments of E3 2014

Ewwwww… there was a ton of really disgusting, gross, and generally blood-coated gore pretty much everywhere at this year’s E3- and most of it wasn’t in ‘shooters’ and FPS’ either! Well, can’t blame them anymore I guess.

This list, compiled by Justin Towell, runs down some of the nastiest stuff seen in trailers at this past week’s show. It’s not for the squeamish (or fans of gryphons), but it’s a look into the gore that was and sort of a window into how violent even some games that you normally wouldn’t associate with a list like this can be.

Oh, and it all ends with an exploding cat. Which is oddly funny.

Read on and see what I mean.


Those are the best of the best from GR this past week. Give ‘em a read and then feel free to chat ‘em up in the comments section below. We’ll see you back here on Saturday Radar next weekend!

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