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Wargame Red Dragon release trailer revealed

The latest game in the Wargame series is looking like every bit the followup to Airland Battle that you’d expect as it hits the PC this week.

Yes, that’s a real-time strategy game, and a stunner at that. Wargame Red Dragon features 650 new units for the series on the whole, which brings the total to 1,450. Pretty impressive, almost as impressive as the game’s looks, which I personally can’t get enough of seeing. As you might have been able to tell (if you kept up with what was gong on in that video), the level of detail on all of them is something that developer Eugen really prides itself on. You can tell, as these are easily some of the best looking units in any RTS title out there.

The addition of Naval forces was a tactical move for the company as well, since the level of strategic interaction for each map goes up now that you’ll have to worry about machines of war that can move on land, air, and the seven seas. And you’re going to need all the strategic acumen you’ve got as multiplayer should also be something to see this time around. The game will allow up to 20 (!) players simultaneously which should make for a pretty awesome (if not chaotic) experience.

Wargame Red Dragon hits the PC tomorrow, which leaves you with one more day to pre-order and nab that 25% off discount.

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