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GameBytes Episode 1: Worms Revolution

Review for Worms: Revolution here

The first episode of Game Bytes is here!

Mike takes a look at one of his most beloved game franchises ever’s newest installment! For those of you who like cute spineless creatures and massive amounts of violence towards set creatures, this video is just for you.

Wanting to get something new, but don’t have the money for XCOM or Dishonored? Perhaps Worms: Revolution is for you. Want further proof? Watch Mike D take you through some game play mechanics including some of the new features added in Revolution.

About Mike Deneen

The kid said, "Get ready cause this ain't funny My name's Mike D. and I'm about to get money." Pulled out the jammy aimed it at the sky He yelled, "Stick 'em up!" and let two fly Hands went up and people hit the floor He wasted two kids that ran for the door "I'm Mike D. and I get respect Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect"

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