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New Dead Space tomes creeping up this February

A pair of brand new books (one art book and one of the graphic novel variety) will be on store shelves right next to Dead Space 3 when it drops back in with it’s particular brand of horror this February.

Dead Space has really grown into a pretty marquee series hasn’t it? Now the terror-filled saga is about to launch it’s third game. It’s one that will be joined by a dynamic duo of books from publisher Titan that I’m thinking fans of the little engineer that could (…kill the undead) aren’t going to want to miss out on.

The first is a graphic novel written by Ian Edginton and featuring the fantastic artwork of Christopher Shy (one of my personal favorite artists in the comic world today). If you’re not familiar with Chris Shy- fix that immediately and cast you eyes on Soul Stealer or North End of the World. The man just plain old cranks out absolutely incredible work.

As for Liberation, The graphic novel is a prequel to DS3 and sets up the backstory for the disillusioned (and delusional) security officer that accompanies protagonist Clarke in the game’s co-op mode. John Carver, it turns out, is almost as messed up as Mr. Clarke… imagine that.

Dead Space: Liberation – Written in collaboration with the Dead Space 3 game development team, this original graphic novel takes readers on a journey to unlock deep secrets about the Markers in an epic adventure that will determine the fate of mankind. Dead Space: Liberation will be released alongside Dead Space 3 on February 5 for $17.95.

Also at bookstores next year will be The Art of Dead Space. This should be a no-brainer for anyone who’s into the games (and maybe even if you’re not) as the art book will be loaded with scenery and character designs from the entire set of Dead Space titles.

The Art of Dead Space – This is the ultimate gallery of the Dead Space universe showcasing everything from breathtaking spacescapes and terrifying Necromorphs to imaginative character designs and a creative in-game religion. The art book will also feature a lavish full-color hardcover and includes art from the entire Dead Space videogame franchise. The Art of Dead Space will be released alongside Dead Space 3 on February 5 for $34.95.

Now that’s one big load of decaying Necromorph. Actually, now that I think about it- could we just call February 5th Dead Space Day?

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