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Make This Game! F-Zero to Life

To kick off our new feature series about games we want some type of developer to tackle in the future, I am going to tackle a topic we have seen briefly at E3. This series will take us inside games we wish we could make. This will take our deepest …

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E3 2017: Ubisoft Press Conference Recap

In case you missed E3 or just don’t fancy watching it for yourself, here we have a quick recap of what Ubisoft had on offer. Ubisofts press conference gives us a little of everything.  I would say I’m a former Ubisoft addict in recovery. I needed my fix whenever they brought …

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The Far Cry 5 Reveal Trailer is Nuts

The official announcement trailer for Far Cry 5 has arrived, and as per usual Far Cry 5 style, it is pretty over the top. The beginning images of the trailer are pretty disturbing. You might wonder why these people are acting so unhinged, but then the crazy antagonist that Far …

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Brutally Honest Podcast 16: Spider-Honor!

What a show! Erich, Jason, Callum and Rick are here to talk Injustice 2, For Honor, Victor Vran, Typo Man, Crash Bandicoot, Comics, Spider-Man, Conan and more in the latest Brutally Honest Podcast. Take a listen below and let us know what you think!

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