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EGX Rezzed 2019 Hands-On: Axiom Soccer

Under development by Earthbound Games, Axiom Soccer is a futuristic sports game that looks to combine elements of football and third person shooters in a game that takes influence from the likes of Rocket League, FIFA and Splatoon to create something a bit different. When first getting in to the …

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Rocket League Hoops Impressions

Rocket League’s Hoops hit one day early tonight, bringing with it some new life for the rocket-based sports hit. I spent some time with the new “Hoops” mode at its launch to see how it feels as an avid fan of vanilla Rocket League. The main difference between vanilla Rocket …

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Football Manager 2010 (PC) Review

With Football Manager 2009 being voted the greatest football game of all time, Sports Interactive had their work cut out for them as the new season closed in. Last year’s effort was hugely hyped as the popular football manager simulator had a big makeover but the focus of FM 2010 …

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