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FCB Pinball (iOS) Review

FCB Pinball for iOS The official pinball app for the Barcelona football team, the game works like a traditional pinball table, you simply have to see how much score you can accumulate.

“Bringing together the world of football and classic pinball was the idea behind the very latest FC Barcelona digital app, FCB Pinball. Its features a 3D pinball machine starring the Barça players, in which the players have to complete missions related with the first team, including special moves in attack and defence, as well as set pieces.”

There are various avenues in which to increase your score these include scoring a goal, and managing to light up the ‘Match’ word. This is all achieved by venturing into different sections of the table, much like a real-life pinball table.

The controls are really simple drag the screen to release the ball, tap the left flipper to activate the left flipper, tap the right flipper to activate the flipper and swipe in any direction to nudge the pinball table. The game presents you with a tutorial, which fills you in with all the basics of the game and the best ways to score points but as a real life pin ball table a lot of this is based on luck rather than actually rewarding good gameplay.

The game itself is well presented, and during my play through I encountered very little frame rate issues. The tie-in with the Barcelona team is sure to entice people to download the game as its available for the price of €2.60 ($2.99 USD -ed). The game is tied in with Facebook and game center as well, which act as global leader boards; the high score currently stands at 131 million.

Final Thoughts

All in all for a pin ball game its well presented, will it have the lasting appeal for me personally? No, but I cant see why you wouldn’t enjoy yourself playing it whilst on the train or bus.

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