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Call of Duty hits the pitch in Warzone 2.0 tomorrow

Call of Duty and soccer, two great pastimes that go great together. No really, you’ll be able to play soccer tomorrow in Warzone 2.0 (for a limited time).


It’s World Cup time, and even Call of Duty will be getting in on the act, with what might be the most unique FPS crossover event ever. Namely, you’ll be able to take some ATV’s out on the field and actually play a game.

Don’t look for high-impact weaponry in this one, unless you count the ball. That’s going to be significantly oversized, as it will be knocked all about by two teams of three ATV-driving operators.

But while there are no guns and grenades, there are still ways to play dirty. Although the game’s relatively violence-free, you can disable your opponents vehicles. Players will find shock-sticks laying about, and be able to throw those into opposite players to short out their rides for a time. Likewise, they’ll be able to crash headlong into them to cause some time-out damage.

Obviously, if you know how to use vehicles well in CoD’s normal multiplayer modes, you’ll have a bit of an advantage here, though playing soccer with those vehicles might be different enough to make it a fun time for all.

Things get rolling tomorrow, December 14th, with Warzone Cup, which will be playable in Warzone 2.0 until December 23rd. As with Warzone, the Cup is free for all players, and is a part of the game’s Season 01 Reloaded.

Read more about it here, on Activision’s CoD blog.

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