Need For Speed: No Limits Teasers Revealed

Coming Later this year from EA (Electronic arts), Need for speed: No Limits is a new instalment in the racing series, made exclusively for mobile devices. Firemonkeys are at the helm, the company behind Real Racing. This instalment of the racing series see’s players leaving their mark on the streets…
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Alien Isolation: Just how scary Can an Alien Game be. (SPOILERS)

Alien Isolation, was released on 6th October 2014. As a huge alien fan I feel awful for saying this but its took me until Christmas 2014 to play it. And I can truly say this is the alien game I have been waiting for. As of writing this I am…
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Fresh Controversy for the GTA Series

Some people are outraged that fans of the smash hit GTA V are modifying the game to allow players to blow up, control and even ‘sexually assault’ other users. The mod in question is the aptly named ‘Naughty Stuff’ and “very naughty stuff’ mod and reactions have been varied, with…
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Possibly The Greatest Thing You Will Watch All Week.

I apologize for the extremely short article, but you need to see this. The Internet has been home to some truly weird and wonderful things. But now I present to you a fish Playing Pokemon.
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World’s Largest Video Game Collection Goes On Sale.

Michael Thommason, who has the world’s largest video game collection is putting them up for sale. What this means is that whoever buys all 11,000+ game not only gets a tonne of games but also a Guinness world record as well. The record stood last year at 10,607 games, but…
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Zelda Tribute Event

A tribute to The Legend of Zelda is being held by Games Art and Music in Jacksonville Florida on July 13th. This event will feature other performers as well, including T3AM, William Evans Jr, Masikus, On Guard, Trevor Rockwell, and Dr. Napoleon. There will also be a cosplay event, and…
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Brutal Gamer Hangout #9: Comedic Boobs vs Penises

The age-old debate rages on.
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Brutal Gamers Hangout #8: Physics & Perfection

In this on-air hangout Amy, Hanna, Mike D and Troy discuss hot topics at casa de Brutal Gamer.
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Brutal Gamer Hangout #7: The Halo Love Scene

Making love with your helmet on.
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Brutal Gamer Hangout #6: Señor Hot Nipples

Proper hydration is the key.
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Brutal Gamer Hangout #5: The Uniqueness Of Nintendo’s Missing Features

Second Circle Pad and AC adapter not included.
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Brutal Gamer Hangout #4: Premium Sprinkles Cost Extra

The prettiest cupcakes and the best guns come at a price.
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Brutal Gamer Hangout #3: E3! Huh… What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing, apparently.
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Brutal Gamer Hangout #2: Crotchety Old Gamers

You kids with your digital distribution, GET OFF MY LAWN!
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Brutal Gamer Hangout #1: Hairnet Models and Mustachioed Strangers

Come join us for Brutal Gamer’s first [successfully recorded] Google Hangout!
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