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Zelda Tribute Event

A tribute to The Legend of Zelda is being held by Games Art and Music in Jacksonville Florida on July 13th.

This event will feature other performers as well, including T3AM, William Evans Jr, Masikus, On Guard, Trevor Rockwell, and Dr. Napoleon. There will also be a cosplay event, and martial arts performance by Nevado Arts.

Amongst the festivities is some video games for the fans to play, like a three-level Zelda walk-through, and a tournament by Storm Unity. GAAM will have a number of well known organizations supporting it too. Companies such as Legendary Treasures, McEwen DuBovis P.A, Bygones and PowerUps, Floppy Entertainment, Sony Santa Monica, Jacqueline Goehner, Phoenix Online Studios, NCSOFT, Hylian Crafts, and Her Interactive are just few of many that are helping to make this event possible.

An art exhibitions shall be held at GAAM, with an auction holding works both locally and internationally. The proceeds shall go to the Child’s Play charity.

PRP Wine International and  Intuition Ale Works will be providing refreshments for ticket holders, including wine tasting.

Tickets are available for purchase at http://gamesartandmusic.com/

The event lasts from 5 PM until 11 PM. Adult hours are 8-11 PM.

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