Star Trek Q Gambit

Kirk and the Enterprise face off against Q in IDW’s ongoing Trek series

The all-new Star Trek timeline brought about by JJ Abrams 2009 film is about to get a visit from an extra-dimensional foe well-known to Trek fans of all ages.
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Sunday Review: The Brutal Gamer Archive for the week of 4/14/14

Lots to talk about in this Easter Sunday edition of the Sunday Review. We’ve got show coverage with WonderCon announcements and chatter about the upcoming C2E2, as well as a few reviews you can use, and our usual assortment of news and industry tidbits.

WonderCon: IDW moves out with a gaggle of variant editions, panels, and more

This weekend’s Con in Anaheim will be a pretty big one for publisher IDW. The comics group has some terrific variant editions ready for purchase at the show, as well as a series of panels that you’re not going to want to miss out on.
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The Brotherhood returns in All-New X-Men #27

The classic X-Men versus Brotherhood feud takes on new life with the new generation of characters and a powered-up Jean Grey freshly back from her ‘trial’ in the Shi’ar Empire.
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An Avengers storm is brewing in the Original Sin tie-in Avengers #29

Some secrets can’t be kept, and when Cap finds out what the Illuminati have been up to he’s going to be on a collision course with none other than shell head himself- Iron Man.
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C2E2: DST heads to the Chicago show

A presence on the floor and with two panels to see, Diamond Select Toys will be bringing all their biggest licenses to one of the Midwest’s biggest Cons.
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Wondercon: Marvel Comics packs a pair of panels

One of the biggest publishers in the comic book world will be on hand for this weekend’s Anaheim, CA con with a pair of panels designed to indoctrinate fans into the Marvel Universe and give some tips for actually working for the company.
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Spider-Man learns to crawl in Amazing Spider-Man #1.1

Learning to Crawl kicks off a brand new look at the origin and first year of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man this May.
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Wild Ocean

Fulcrum Publishing to release graphic novel about the endangered creatures of the sea

Meet the most endangered residents of the world’s oceans in this new graphic novel collection, Wild Ocean.
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C2E2: Valiant announces exclusives and programming for Chicago’s biggest Con

C2E2 2014 is well on the way and Valiant Comics will be there with signings, news, and one very cool exclusive.
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Dark Horse Comics is headed to Wondercon with a loaded schedule

The publishing giant brings a full slate to the Anaheim con with plenty of signings and panels.
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Kurt’s family is hunted down in Nightcrawler #2

The longtime X-Man’s family has a bullseye on their heads as it falls to the X-Man himself to cross the globe to protect them.
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Special edition Captain America coming to

As Captain America: The Winter Soldier wraps up another week on top at the box office, DST is readying a special battle-damaged Stealth Suit version of Cap for
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Cyclops meets Corsair in the cosmically-tilted Cyclops #1

The first issue of Marvel’s standalone Cyke title brings together two generations of Summers’ for a little space-fairing action.
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X-O Manowar becomes the hunted in Armor Hunters #1

Valiant Comics newest mini-series event kicks off as the alien Armor Hunters come to Earth looking for trouble.
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Take a first look at Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1

Miles returns post cataclysm, to don the webs and defend Ultimate NYC.
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