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7String: Interview with Comic Book Artist and Illustrator: Nich Angell

  7STRING is an on-going series of graphic novels created by comic book artist and illustrator Nich Angell.
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Dark Horse Presents 200

Dark Horse Presents hits issue #200

Dark Horse Comics’ anthology series is about to smash through the 200 issue plateau, not something that you see everyday in the current marketplace.
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The Art of Cooking with Michelle, Chloe, and Mia: Interview with Elisabeth ‘Liz ‘Brizzi

Cookbooks have a collection of yummy recipes that can be made and shared with loved ones.
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The Infinity Relativity joins Marvel’s OGN line this June

The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Infinity Watch, and Gladiator the Majestor of the Shi’ar Empire team up with a very unlikely ally against the threat of Annihilus and Negative Zone armies.
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Marvel unveils the full cover of Secret Wars #1

All those teaser images released over the last few months are coming to a head in 2015′s all-new Secret Wars #1, and Alex Ross is providing the cover art.
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Guardians Team-Up #1 Cover

The Guardians of the Galaxy team-up with the entire Marvel U in 2015

A big time team-up book from Marvel, starring the Guardians, is on the way in February.
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Ant-Man novel on the way from Marvel and writer Jason Starr

It’s a big book for a small hero as Ant-Man is making his debut in the world of crime fiction with a new novel from writer Jason Starr.
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courtesy of Sean Lykins

Interview with Sean Lykins: Creator of Lora and the Paper Mirror

The indie comic scene is full of talented artists and writers, and Sean Lykins is one of them.
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Dark Knight Returns Mezco special 2 gets an exclusive Dark Knight

One:12 Collective’s incredible looking Batman figure from The Dark Knight Returns
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The Mutanimals 1

IDW revives The Mutanimals as TMNT mini-series

The Mutanimals, shaky allies of IDW’s latest incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back and headed into mini-series all their own.
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Justice League Amazo Virus

Comic Shop Picks: Amazo, Spider-Men, and lots more headed to stores

Justice League kicks off the ‘Amazo Virus’ arc, Spider-Man meets his Superior alternate, and Dark Horse Comics begins a couple of can’t miss video game art tomes to retail this week.
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Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 11/10/14

This was a very big week at BG, with tons of big game, movie, and comic reviews, alongside interviews with key Kickstarter creators and The Book of Life’s Jorge Gutierrez. That wasn’t all though as we also had plenty of news, including some big announcements from from Blizzcon.
Courtesy of Howard M. Shum

A chat with Howard M. Shum, the creator of Supertemporal

Howard M. Shum got his start in creating comics while he was studying film at NYU. A friend of Howard’s had encouraged him that since he was in New York he should drop off some art samples of his work at Marvel and DC comics, and a month later Marvel…
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Guardians of teh Galaxy pack shot

Guardians of the Galaxy comes home for the holidays

Marvel’s surprise mega-hit is on the way to digital and disc-based formats.
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Hulk battles Thanos in a cosmic brawl next month

The first issue of Marvel’s Hulk/Thanos throw down is almost here.
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Unity takes on the United in issue #12 of Valiant Comics’ super-teamup book

Unity is looking to grow their ranks, but The United might have something to say about that.
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