Hop in the wayback machine, all the way back to ’92 with these Marvel variants

If you’re a comic fan from one of the medium’s most recent of heydays, then you’re probably going like what Marvel is cooking up for a set of variant covers coming to shops this December.
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Star Wars Cover 2x3

Diamond debuts all Star Wars catalog for comic shops

The source for Star Wars: The Force Awakens merch? Why that’d be your local comics shop, thanks to Diamond and their handy dandy little catalog of awesome.
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So, who is the Totally Awesome Hulk anyway?

Marvel has released a quartet of images (so far) of teases at who the ‘Totally Awesome Hulk” might be, and they’re all pretty interesting.
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Toys R Us Star Wars Force Friday KDV_5963

New Star Wars toys go on sale tonight and Toys R Us celebrated all day

If you’re a big Star Wars fan, then you already know where you’re going to be tonight at midnight. But if you had the day off today and were at TRU in Times Square, then you’re already ensconced in that Galaxy Far, Far Away.
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Save your pennies with the Mad Titan

Who would have thought that Thanos of Titan would lend a hand, helping you stow away some cash? Well, Previews apparently, as they’re about to debut their newest bank, modeled after the noggin of the Mad Titan himself.
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Valiant brings Shadowman and Ninjak together for Operation: Deadside

The world of Shadowman is heating up as of late, and now the supernatural hero will be returning to the Valiant U with a special series of stories.
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The Eighth Seal cover

IDW combines horror and politics in The Eighth Seal

Horror in politics doesn’t sound like too much of a stretch, but The Eighth Seal from IDW Publishing takes the theme a few steps beyond pandering and attack ads.
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Winter is coming for Lara Croft in The Frozen Omen

Dark Horse Comics’ latest book to feature Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is almost here, and it’s a chiller.
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Marvel announces 9th issue of Secret Wars

Apparently, Secret Wars was’t big enough already.
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Hellboy in Hell 7 Cover

Comic Shop Picks: Superman, Secret Wars, and Hellboy in Hell

Some gems hit comic shops today, including all the big boys and girls of the superhero set, and the can’t miss continuation of the brilliant Hellboy in Hell.
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Emmy meets her twin in Harrow County #6

Freshly off the wrapped up first arc of the series, an empowered Emmy remembers her former life as Hester. And it’s just in time too, as she meets her ‘twin’ Kammi.
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Sept previews Front Cover

Previews unveils ‘as seen on TV’ September issue

Three-quels Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Dark Knight III: The Master Race take cover honors for the next issue of the jumbo comic book shop bible.
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Art of Fallout 4

Bethesda and Dark Horse team up for Art of Fallout 4

This is shaping up to be quite the Fall for Fallout fans as a fresh art book, based on the game, has been announced.
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Book of Death #2 (Comics) Review

The second issue of Valiant’s massive Book of Death event holds in-fighting aplenty for the Unity team, and a bunch of revelations.
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Marvel’s newest variant covers cosplay it up this Fall

Following on the heels of Secret Wars will be a whole new Marvel U, and ushering it in are a swath of brand new #1′s. And Marvel fans will be taking center stage, right smack dab on the covers.
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Here’s what’s on the way to comic shops this winter from DST

Diamond Select Toys has a heaping helping of cool stuff on the way to stores this Winter. Aliens, Batman, Secret Wars Minimates, Wonder Woman… no matter what you’re into, there’s probably something for you to add to your collection.
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