Dynamite Comics’ Greatest Hits go on sale till tomorrow on comiXology

It’s a short sale with a lot of great stuff included for those looking to pick up some digital Dynamite Comics for cheap.
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Marvel relaunches Hercules this Fall

All-new, all-different? Well, maybe not all different in Hercules’ case, but he’s nonetheless on the way back to monthly series status with this Autumn’s Hercules #1.
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Groot PX Exclusive mug

I am Groot… mug

Groot’s got you covered as goes your morning cup of joe (or tea, or cocoa, or whatever) thanks to this new exclusive item, stocked by the fine folks at Previews.
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Hellboy in Hell 7 Cover

Hellboy in Hell #7 (Comics) Review

In a world of hurt, Hellboy’s trek through hell continues when he faces off against a spiritual illness that’s killing him… again.
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JLA Gods and Monsters 1 cover

Comic Shop Picks: Gods and Monsters (and lots more)

The multimedia assault is here for DC’s newest animated film Justice League: Gods and Monsters, and it brings an alternate look at Superman with the Son of Zod in a debut issue that fans of the DC Animated properties shouldn’t miss.
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Marvel takes Peter Parker back to high school in Spidey #1

Taking place within Marvel U canon, the newest Spider-Man series rewinds the clock with a teenage Peter Parker, and a Spider-Man who’s just learning how to swing.
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Star Wars heads in a new direction with a new artist in issue #8

X-Men and Captain America artist Stuart Immonen joins the team for an issue that sees Luke Skywalker following a new path in Star Wars #8.
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Dead Drop #3 (Comics) Review

Dead Drop has pretty quickly become a can’t miss Valiant event.
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Marvel gets monstrous in October with Kirby variants

What’s more Halloween-appropriate than a few monsters? Make ‘em in the Jack Kirby style, and slap ‘em on some Marvel books as variant covers, and you’ve got a pretty neat treat for the spookiest month.
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gabe knight comic

Adventure game classic Gabriel Knight comes to tablets

You’ll be able to take Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition with you on the go starting this week.
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Book of Death: The Fall of Bloodshot #1 (Comics) Review

It’s the end for Bloodshot, well, it will be anyway. One day.
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Bloodshot Reborn #6 launches into a new arc this September

Ray has a tough road ahead, as he takes out ‘infected’ killers and re-absorbs the Bloodshot nanites. And this September, he’ll be facing his toughest opponent yet.
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Warren Ellis takes the reigns on new James Bond comics series

Dynamite Comics has announced their new James Bond 007 series  will kick off this coming November, and feature the tenets of Warren Ellis and artist Jason Masters.
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DST relaunches Marvel statue line

Diamond Select Toys is pretty well known for producing Marvel toys, but their statue line has been dormant for a good long time now. A fact that’s about to change.
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Conan the Avenger 16 cover

Conan The Avenger #16 (Comics) Review

Conan forges deeper into the desert, and finds trouble waiting for him.
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Graaaaah! Chewbacca series in the works at Marvel

Marvel promises lots of heart and plenty of action for the first ever solo book starring everybody’s favorite walking carpet.
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