Uncharted Art Book

Dark Horse takes you behind the scenes of the first Uncharted trilogy this Spring

Naughty Dog’s PlayStation exclusive series is about to get an art book from Dark Horse that will explore the first three games.
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Marvel introduces Battleworld and Warzones series’ to supplement Secret Wars

Joining Last Days, Battleworld and Warzones will join the new series’ that will tell a more in-depth tale of the multiverse after the dawn of the reality-shattering Secret Wars.
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Fantastic Four comics classic

Well, here’s a shock- the Fantastic Four reboot actually looks pretty awesome in the new teaser

I have to admit, I was extremely down on Fox’ reboot of Marvel’s classic Fantastic Four property. One look at the new teaser trailer for the film though, and I think I’ve changed my mind.
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Courtesy of Chuck Whelon


Pewfell in Drain of Chaos is the long-time comic created by illustrator Chuck Whelon, and was a project he started back in the 1990’s. While the comic itself has been completed, the project was recently revived to launch as a Kickstarter campaign, so it could be turned into a book…
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Kotobukiya welcomes DC Comics’ mistress of magic to their Bishoujo line

Allied with heroes like Batman and a member of the Justice League Dark, Zatanna is one of the most powerful magic-welders in DC Comics, and now she’s a part of the Bishoujo line of collectible statues from Kotobukiya.
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Star Labs The Flash  mouse pad

Mouse around on these official Arrow, Gotham, and The Flash mouse pads

A set of pretty neat mouse pads is on the way from high-end collectable maker Icon Heroes.
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X-O Manowar takes the fight back to the Armorines in issue #32

Aric might be down, but he tends not to stay that way for long, as the Armorines are about to find out.
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Marvel The Avengers Vault

Marvel: The Avengers Vault hits stores this March

Just in time for the newest round of Marvel films starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Marvel: The Avengers Vault is set to hit stores with history and trivia galore on Marvel’s biggest super-team.
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Hulk ans Smash logo

Devil Dinosaur gets large in the latest episode of Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Big red is even bigger, and on the prowl in the heart of New York City. Can a whole mess of Hulks and one aggravated Spider-Man stop him?
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Dark Horse wizard world 2015

Dark Horse announces Wizard World Portland schedule

Dark Horse Comics has their usual assortment of signings and panels scheduled for the Portland Con, and something new with a photo booth where you can get some souvenir snaps for free.
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Ninjak’s origin finally explored in Valiant’s new spy-focused series

Ninjak #1 is on the way, and explores the intelligence operative’s past and present, in jumbo format.
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Marvel Comics True_Believers

Marvel debuts $1 pricing on new True Believers line

Coming just in time for the reality-meshing Secret Wars this Spring, True Believers will give readers a look into the many realities of Marvel for just a buck a piece.
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secret wars LAST DAYS

How will Marvel’s heroes spend their Last Days?

It’s the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it, and I feel fine.
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Massive Age of Ultron connectable poster coming to Marvel’s Avengers books in April

Remember that awesome poster with all the movie Avengers fighting the Ultron army from SDCC last year? Well now you’ll be able to take a copy home on the cover of Avengers #44 and New Avengers #33, as well as a bundle of variant covers for Avengers: Ultron Forever #1.
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Marvel Comics talks up new Star War comic in new featurette

Have you picked up the new Star Wars #1 from Marvel yet? If not, check out this new featurette and see what you’re missing.
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It’s a celebration of ’50 Years Without Fear’ in Daredevil #15.1

Matt Murdock begins work on his autobiography and the tales from yesteryear start flowing.
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