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Necromantic Horrors (and cross-play) arrive for Blood Bowl 3

In addition to cross-play functionality, Blood Bowl 3 just added a fearsome new team, one that’s going to be very hard to bury.

Rise from your end zone

Still rolling through its fantasy take on American football is Blood Bowl 3 from NACON and developer Cyanide Studio. The strategy sequel has ben well-supported since its launch, and has just revised its online play, plus added in a rotten new faction with Season 5.

As for the former, that’d be cross-play, which should greatly expand the player base on all platforms. The mechanic will allow for all players, regardless of platform, to get tossed into a community pot when it comes to matchmaking in online games, and has done away with separate ranking systems. So yeah, it’s one league now. In addition to that, private leagues have gotten the same treatment, meaning that fans can take part and join, whether they’re playing on a PS5, PC, or Xbox.

And as for the latter, well as you can see, that’d be the Necromantic Horror squad. Exactly what it sounds like, this new Blood Bowl team is made up of shambling horrors straight out of your nightmares. And according to the press release, they’ll present what sounds like one of the biggest challenges yet.

Did we mention they have pumpkins for helmets and scarecrow cheerleaders? That too.

The Necromantic Horror faction comprises a wide variety of monsters and undead creatures straight from your worst nightmares: wraiths, ghouls, zombies, werewolves and even flesh golems… a highly varied patchwork of specialist players, who complement each other to a tee. This faction makes for a mobile and tough team, which can also call on peerless regeneration and resurrection skills!

NACON press release

Season 5 should be live (or a reasonable facsimile) right now for all versions of the game, which is available for the PC, as well as Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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