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Bringing Street Fighter 6’s roster to 23 fighters, old man Bison is arrives this month

The last of the original World Warriors to make his appearance in Street Fighter 6, M.Bison is back to bring the psycho-powered pain.

Psyyyyyycho… old man

Complete with a call back to actor Raul Julia and the ill-recieved Street Fighter film from the 90s, M. Bison is indeed back and ready to rumble in Street Fighter 6. Or, he will be soon at least, as he lands later this month in a completely revamped form.

Gone is the red uniform (though it’s still an option obviously), as Bison appears much more haggard that we’ve ever seen him in SF6. His organization Shadaloo is also a thing of the past in the game, as he awakened in the remains of SFV’s Ruined Lab to find that his former empire has crumbled.

In addition to the new look, Bison has a move-set that should includes a mix of the nostalgic and original. Fans will find both the Knee Press Nightmare and Psycho Crusher included, along with the Shadow Rise, Backfist Combo, and Psycho Punisher. With all of that, the old man looks more than capable of delivering a little old school pain.

Here’s a rundown of the moves you saw at work in that trailer, and what they can do to Bison’s foes:

  • Shadow Rise: A quick and high-reaching jump that has two follow-ups, including his iconic Head Press and Devil Reverse moves
  • Backfist Combo: An all-new move that allows M. Bison to plant Psycho Mines in his opponents
  • Knee Press Nightmare: M. Bison’s Level 1 Super Art that takes aim at opponent’s legs with a series of crushing blows and is invincible on start-up
  • Psycho Punisher: M. Bison’s Level 2 Super Art that launches opponents into the air with a powerful shockwave from a stomp
  • Unlimited Psycho Crusher: M. Bison’s Level 3 Super Art sees the villain rush towards his opponent and smash them into the ground with devastating strength

Capcom press release

A “Year 2” character, Bison is included in the Year 2 Character Pass for Street Fighter 6, as well as the Ultimate Pass. Fans can look for his “Outfit 2 from Street Fighter™ II: Champion Edition” to be released at the same time as the fighter himself, which will be on June 26th, for all versions of the game.

He’s just the tip of the iceberg for Year 2 though, which will also see Elena make her return to the series, and the surprise inclusion of both Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui, crossing over from SNK’s Fatal Fury games. More on those as the months roll on.

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