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Bloodstained gets surprise update news with modes and cosmetics

Side-scrolling metroidvania Bloodstained has gotten a surprise series of content drops, with new costumes and modes of play.

Playing dress up

It has been a while since Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was mentioned in any capacity really. The side-scrolling action title arrived on consoles and the PC in 2019, and has since been a bit drowned out by its 8bit, retro-crafted spinoffs. It seems as though 505 Games and developer ArtPlay, Inc aren’t happy to let it fade into history however. Instead, there’s a brand new set of downloads for Bloodstained, and they should add in a good deal of new options for fans.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the paid stuff, as it will stock three “premium DLC cosmetic packs”, that players can access through the game’s store. Those include the “the vampiric ‘Succubus’ pack, a ‘Magical Girl’ pack, and the Japanese-inspired ‘Japanesque’ pack”. All three come complete with not just costumes, but weapons and accessories. There’s also a bundle to be had, as fans who grab all three packs under the “Cosmetic Bundle” heading will get one free. And speaking of that, then there’s the completely free stuff.

A heftier set of downloads than the paid content, the free updates for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night deliver both Chaos Mode and Versus Mode. The former is basically a survival deal, sending players into randomized rooms filled with demons, with the difficulty scaling up the longer you survive. The latter is pretty self-explanatory and is pure PvP. Plus both modes will have online and offline options.

And finally, there’s also a free cosmetic pack up, which allows players to deck Bloodstained heroine Miriam out in the garb of Shantae. That’s right, this one’s a crossover, which brings the Half-Genie Hero’s outfit into the world of Bloodstained.

All of the above should be available right now for the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC versions of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, with the Switch edition getting it all on May 16th in the US and UK, and on May 20th in Japan and Asia.

But wait, there’s more

Did we mention that all of the above is just the beginning here in 2024? Apparently there’s a whole roadmap for the game as well, which will deliver more than just the costumes and modes listed above.

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