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Nickelodeon classic Rugrats gets a brand new puzzle/platformer next month

An iconically ‘Nickelodeon’ cartoon, a game featuring the 90s sensation that is Rugrats is on the way, and a demo is out now.

Is it Next Fest again? Already?

It kind of seems to us as though there’s a Steam “Next Fest” every month, though we’re not complaining. The events always deliver a sharp catalog of playable early looks at games that are still a ways off, letting fans dig in for some free ‘limited time’ fun.

In the case of Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland though, its new demo won’t leave fans waiting long to play the real thing. According to a press release from Limited Run Games, the platforming puzzler will be along in short order, landing next month and delivering a game that’s inspired “by classic titles of the NES era”.

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland brings a baby-fresh take on retro gameplay. By mixing elements from the NES era with modern design sensibilities, today’s parents can introduce kids to a nostalgic franchise through an adorable co-op adventure for up to two players where babies must stick together to win. Toggle between 8-bit art for an authentic retro gameplay experience and HD art featuring hand-drawn animations for a trip straight back to the iconic Nickelodeon TV show.

Explore six stand-alone levels across the Rugrats’ make-believe interpretations of the world, each filled with secrets, challenges, and bosses. Hop across ice blocks at the Ice Cream Factory (the fridge), venture into the Night Oasis (the sandbox), and brave the Haunted House (the attic). Swap babies to employ their distinct abilities: help Chuckie overcome his fears by jumping up high, or call up Phil to dig holes faster.

Encounter some of the franchise’s most familiar faces, including Cynthia, the most famous doll in the Rugrats world; Spike, the loyal family dog and the best of boys; and Mr. Boppo, the punching bag clown that almost had Tommy turning into a no-good “taker-backer.” 

Limited Run Games press release

From LRG, The Media Indie Exchange Games, and Wallride, Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland sounds mighty interesting. We can’t say we’re the biggest fans of the core property either, but what’s being done with the mix of 8bit and modern aesthetics sounds like it could make for a pretty great time.

As mentioned, the title has that demo up right now for the PC, via Steam’s Next Fest, though the full game won’t be locked to just one platform. That will hit some time in March for the PC, Switch, and Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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