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Here’s the latest look at Dragon’s Dogma 2, straight from State of Play

Today’s Sony State of Play showcase brought a fresh look at Dragon’s Dogma 2, complete with a new vocation and more.

Vocational training

We’ve already seen a fair shake of info about Capcom’s big epic fantasy sequel. And that’s good, since the game’s release isn’t all that far off at this point. But while we already know it’s chock full of monsters, adventures, and classes to play (called vocations), there’s even more that was unveiled today thanks to the Sony State of Play event.

Included in that was a new vocation, the jack-of-all-weapons called the Wayfarer. Then there was even more as we also got a look at a “disease-like condition” called Dragonsplague, which sounds like a double-edged sword. Though the cans might outweigh the pros, since its final stage sounds little catastrophic.

We’ve got the full details on all of that, but before you read through, check out the new trailer. If you’re looking for a drop-dead gorgeous fantasy action-RPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is looking like it’s going to be a can’t-miss.


The Warfarer is a new Vocation exclusive to the Arisen that can use every weapon and learn different skills from each Vocation. By using diverse weapons, the Warfarer can respond to any situation and create combos that cross Vocational boundaries. The Warfarer’s lower base stats require them to utilize the situational strengths of different weapon types to be on par with other Vocations with specialized strengths.

Capcom press release


Dragonsplague is a contagious disease-like condition that infects pawns as they travel between worlds.
Rather than being weakened, Pawns with the disease are said to display remarkable performance, and to become conspicuously bold in their speech and behavior. According to folklore, when the symptoms of dragonsplague reach a terminal stage, it will result in devastating calamity, but the veracity of those claims is unclear.

Capcom press release

Vocational Mastery

On your travels, you will encounter vocation maisters who have mastered their chosen vocation to the fullest. By deepening your relationship with a vocation maister and gaining their approval, you can gain access to their Vocation, or they may grant you special tomes that teach skills of the highest order, the “maister’s teachings”. The Fighter maister, Lennart, has long served the fortress village of Melve. With his exceptional swordsmanship and leadership skills, he has held the fort together to protect the land from the Dragon. Meanwhile, the Mystic Spearhand maister Sigurd hunts dragons for his own personal reasons. He is a quiet man with an inquisitive mind, and he constantly trains to improve his fighting skills and unique style. Formerly the court Oracle of Vermund, the Trickster maister Luz is currently in hiding out of fear for her life over speaking out against the false Arisen taking the throne.

Capcom press release

Ready to quest into Capcom’s fantasy universe one more time? Dragon’s Dogma 2 arrives for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on March 22nd, 2024.

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