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Meet Victor Chevalier, a brand new fighter on the way to Tekken 8

Brandishing a wicked looking sword, plus a pistol and blades, is Victor Chevalier. He’s the newest Tekken 8 roster reveal.

New face

Along with Tekken 8’s returning cast of characters, Bandai Namco will be adding in plenty of new fighters as well, like today’s reveal of Victor Chevalier. A French national, Chevalier is a “legend” in the Tekken world, founding a UN team that battles against corporate forces that seek to take control of the globe. He also trained something called the Raven Force, and if that sounds familiar, it probably should since it involves an existing fighter of the same name.

In addition to that, he’s also voiced by none other than French actor Vincent Cassel. So Chevalier is set to be a key new combatant in the Iron Fist, and maybe bring it a little refinement as well.

In the game, Victor Chevalier is a living legend who founded the UN’s independent forces. Descended from a lineage of distinguished knights, with a dream to rescue those in need, he followed the footsteps of his father and enlisted in the French Navy before joining the UN. As he felt the world was on the brink of being taken over by a corporate giant, he founded and trained the Raven Force, armed forces that have the authority to act at their own discretion to counter the corporation’s private armies. Armed with an haute couture suit and the latest optical weapons, Victor takes up the mantle as leader of the UN forces and readies himself for the fight.

Bandai Namco press release

Set for release on January 26th, 2024, Tekken 8 is heading to the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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