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THQ Nordic details console-play for Jagged Alliance 3, arriving this month

Tactical strategy title Jagged Alliance 3 is fast-approaching its console launch, and has a set of controller features to chat about.

Controlling a merc

For those who don’t know, Jagged Alliance 3 is the latest in a very long-lived series of tactical strategy games. Don’t let the “3” behind the name fool you, there’ve been a ton of JA games over the years, though this latest title is meant to get the series back on track. From the looks of things too, it’s done just that.

Well-received by both fans and critics upon its PC launch, Jagged Alliance 3 hails from THQ Nordic and developer Haemimont Games. But how will the title’s turn-based strategy play work on consoles, when it arrives later this month? Well, from the looks of it, pretty solidly.

The control scheme for both the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Jagged Alliance 3 seems to have been rebuilt from the ground up. The result is a scheme that’s definitely on the complex side, but also looks to function pretty darn well.

We understand that some players may wonder: how does a turn-based strategy game translate to a console experience? Is it as enjoyable with a controller, or does it feel cumbersome?

To address these questions, we’ve put together an insightful video, offering a comprehensive look at Jagged Alliance 3‘s gameplay and demonstrating precisely how it fares with a controller instead of a typcial PC mouse and keyboard setup. Join us for an exciting journey into the world of tactical gaming on consoles!

THQ Nordic press release

Along with the above controller info, THQ Nordic has also revealed a November 16th release for the game, on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Pre-orders are open as well, and even come complete with a generous 20% off the final ticketed price. Also pretty slick is that those who do pre-order will additionally receive a 48hr early access period. So you can get to playing before those who’ll be heading out to stores on launch day.

If you’ve been looking to get into the series, or just think the latest Jagged Alliance is looking neat, those are some pretty nice bonuses.

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