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Ghostrunner 2 brings first-person cyber-action back to consoles and PC today

Cyber ninja Jack is back, with the release of 505 Games and One More Level’s Ghostrunner 2. It’s out now on consoles and PC.

The world beyond

The original Ghostrunner was a first-person action title that took more than a few fans by surprise. Launching to plenty of acclaim from both players and press, its tough and lightning fast gameplay was actually fairly unique, sending players into action armed with a futuristic katana.

Now back for another run, Jack’s looking to expand his world by leaps and bounds. While that first game was entirely set in one location (Dharma Tower), part two will send him into the world beyond, and gives him a wicked looking bike with which to traverse it.

Set one year after the events of the original Ghostrunner, the high-octane sequel follows cyber ninja Jack as he fights a violent AI cult. Wield a razor-sharp katana once more, and slice through the relentless onslaught of frenzied cultists, cybernetic warlords, and terrifying AI entities both in and, for the first time, outside of Dharma Tower.

Engage in vehicular combat, weaving through obstacles and knocking down enemies on a high-speed motorcycle. On foot, Jack embraces his iconic parkour and Gap Jammer move set from the original game, improved and expanded upon for quick traversal across varying surfaces in both neon-lit urban environments and a sand-blasted wasteland. Stylishly slide, dash, and evade deadly attacks from a range of new adversaries. 

505 Games press release

Along with the above, Ghostrunner 2 also includes “new abilities and a revamped progression system” (according to publisher 505 Games), which should add some nice new strategy to Jack’s sequel adventure. Enemies can still take you out with one strike or shot though, so it’s still very much important to dodge or parry incoming attacks, and land your own as soon as is inhumanly possible.

Ready to take the fight back to the streets of Ghostrunner? Ghostrunner 2 is out now for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, by way of a trio of editions. Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Brutal Editions are all out and available now, with that last SKU “including exclusive skins and the Season Pass”.

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