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The end has come, and all hell is breaking loose in horror title Dark Atlas: Infernum

A whole new breed of terror is coming up next year in Dark Atlas: Infernum, but you can step into it now thanks to a new demo.

Shades of what was

Dark Atlas: Infernum is… a lot. Well, it is at least from the sound of it, as Night Council Studio and publisher Selectaplay’s upcoming horror game looks to have a pretty epic scope. In it, players find themselves in a world where massive storms are wiping out civilization, and even worse is that in their wake are left strange ghosts who haunt the landscape.

Known as Imprints, these shades seem to silently watch the world’s fall, and they’re not all that players will have to contend with in this fresh hell. Based upon the Saga Radiata, a multimedia universe created by author Álvaro Aparicio, Dark Atlas seeks to serve up terrors aplenty for those who dare to fire it up…

Out there, the world is falling apart. Massive electrical storms have begun to sweep across the Earth. After each passing, little by little, the streets are filled with ghosts. Scientists and sorcerers of our time have decided to call them “Imprints”. They look like our dead but don’t react to any stimuli. They are entities contemplating the night of the cities. And the nations are burning.

Your destiny, however, is to escape from a nightmare in which the ‘Word’ is perpetually harassing you; through your memories, the ruins of civilization, the nether abysses of your soul, and hell itself. It is time to face the questions and the consequences of your actions. You must fight against the captivity you have been subjected to for telling the truth. Because endless threads hang from your knowledge.

You can’t waste any more time. You must react and find the exit because you are in a labyrinth of crossroads. Outside, the skies crumble. Great forces are consolidating to seize power in the spectral world. They want to use them as instruments of desolation. They want you to tell them how to forge the holy book: the Corona Radiata.

Selectaplay press release

Now, Dark Atlas: Infernum isn’t actually set to release for the PC and Xbox and PlayStation consoles til some time in 2024, so you can’t play this one for Halloween this month. But that’s not to say you’ll be completely out of luck, as there is a demo that you can nab right now.

A Steam exclusive, the demo allows players to engage with the whole first chapter of the final story. That should give genre fans a nice healthy (maybe a poor choice of words) taste of what the final retail edition will serve up.

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