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Sega’s “Final Horizon Content Update” is here to close out DLC plan for Sonic Frontiers

One of Sonic’s most unique adventures, Sonic Frontiers has just gotten its last content drop, bringing fans back to Ouranos.

Last horizon

Chaos Emeralds, guest stars, way-out levels, and lots of speed; this is Final Horizon. The downloadable content drop represents the final arrival for new content as goes Sega’s Sonic Frontiers, and includes a fair shake of fresh material.

As you’ll see too, it also kinda/sorta retcons the events of the game’s finale. Final Horizon sends players (and Sonic) back to just before the main campaign’s conclusion, though it doesn’t look like it’s a minor stop-off. Not only does the title Hedgehog play a part, but Tails, Amy, and Knuckles are all in on the fun too.

Oh, and Eggman too. Apparently.

The additional narrative takes place before the final battle on Ouranos Island, where Sage reconsiders an unlikely scenario amongst her millions of calculations. With the assistance of Sage and Dr. Eggman, Sonic sets this new plan into motion, and accepts the challenge of converting the Cyber Corruption into a vast, previously untapped power source. Meanwhile, Amy, Knuckles, and Tails seek to do their part and begin searching for the Chaos Emeralds on Sonic’s behalf to change their fate.

Sega press release

Ready to blast-process your way across the corrupted cyberscape? Sonic Frontiers and the Final Horizon update are out right now for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the Switch, and Steam for the PC.

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