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Teased for a few days, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has an official “reveal date” this month

As if there was any doubt, there will be a new Call of Duty in 2023. And not only will it be Modern Warfare III, but the reveal is next week.

No Russian

Cutting it a little close there, aren’t you Activision? Then again, it seems like the publisher has made a habit out announcing its latest Call of Duty games just a handful of months before they launch. In a way, that’s kind of exciting, and when you’re talking about Modern Warfare, you don’t really much of a buildup anyway.

Far and away the most popular sub-line out of the CoD anthology, the rebooted Modern Warfare line just had its part II last year. Activision doesn’t usually run the same Call of Duty universe in successive years, but we’re not complaining, since Modern Warfare II was pretty great. That game also set up a third entry in terrific style, complete with a throwback to the iconic “no Russian” scene from the originals.

Yesterday, Acitvision shared a reveal for the main villain of that new title, which is of course Makarov. But included was more than that, as the video was loaded with quick glimpses of the game’s action.

Standby for transmission

As you can see there, the ending of the teaser has effectively a second tease, this one for a “reveal date”. We already know the game is coming, but the August 17th reveal will likely be loaded. If history is anything to go by, Activision will not just be announcing a launch, but also be spilling the beans on the story and much more. Also if history holds though, there won’t be too much talk of multiplayer.

Call of Duty multiplayer reveals are usually saved for their own thing, since the modes are such a massive draw for a good chunk of the audience. But before we leave you with that wait for the 17th, there are a few interesting little nuggets to impart.

For one thing, Activision is calling MWIII “Carry Forward”. That’s actually a pretty cool gimmick, and one that’ll see a collection of “Operators, weapons, and a vast array of cosmetic items” from MWII convey to the sequel. That’s according to the official site, which does go on to say that it won’t be everything, but nevertheless there should be a good assortment.

You can read much more about the Carry Forward element here on Call of Duty’s site. While you’re clicking around though, you might also want to check out how you can get in on a game of MWII multiplayer, and check out the MWIII reveal too. Click here for that.

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