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Crash Team Rumble going free this weekend

Crash Bandicoot fans who’ve yet to take the plunge into Crash team Rumble will be able to do so for free in just a couple of days.

Crashing the party

Crash Bandicoot’s latest title, Crash Team Rumble, is a pretty big departure for the property. Not only is it not a single player title, but it’s not a kart racer either. Instead, Rumble is something all together new for the mirthful marsupial, and serves up team-based online multiplayer action.

No, that’s not everyone’s cup of coffee, but the game does look pretty neat, and if you’re into online play, it just might scratch that itch for you. But what if you don’t want to take the chance on it? What if you dig what you see, but you’re a lil bit ‘on the fence’, as they say? Well then you’re going to love this coming weekend, because CTR is gonna be free to download and play.

The Crash Team Rumble free trial will officially kick off this Friday (August 11th) at 10am pacific time, and run through Monday (August 14th) at 10am (also pacific time, natch’). Both Xbox and PlayStation fans will be Abel to get in on the action, and cross-play will be enabled. Actually, all “free trial” players will be in the same player pool as owners of the title are, so it’ll be one big happy family for the time period.

There’ll be no cap on how long you can play, or how many matches either, and everything earned from the trial will be brought over to the full game, if you decide to grab a retail copy. That means you’ll get to keep “all earned items, characters, and XP”.

While none of the above is limited, there are a few caveats. Not that it’s major stuff, but free trial-players will only have access to “a sample of characters and their respective cosmetics and select powers”. That meaning, that you won’t have the ability to play as anyone on the full game’s roster, and characters won’t be able to do everything they can in the full version. That’s it though, and otherwise it’s a full CTR experience.

Want some more info before the big weekend opens up? Check out developer Toys for Bob’s blog.

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