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Trailer: Turn-based WWII action coming later this year with Classified France ’44

Take to the turn-based battlefield on the PC this fall with Classified France ’44, a new WWII-flavored title that boasts a realistic tactics system.

War is turn-based

Classified France ’44 is inspired by the untold story of the Jedburghs: a group of heroic Allied special forces, dropped into occupied France to sow chaos behind enemy lines in the run-up to D-Day. During the game’s extensive campaign and using its RPG system, players will build a team of hardened soldiers and selfless French Resistance freedom fighters in the weeks ahead of the decisive Normandy landings; decide which missions to pursue, which regions to liberate, and ultimately shape the outcome of D-Day.

Team17 press release

Classified France ’44 will feature a full campaign of action, that’s aimed at being replayable, and give players a lot more to do than just kill enemies and win key-points on the battlefield. It will also feature an editor that will get further expansion post launch, and allow players to craft their own missions into war-torn Europe, plus share them online.

If you’re into turn-based strategy, and WWII, keep an eye on this one. Classified France ’44 is set to launch on the PC some time this fall.

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