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See where King Kong began later this year on consoles and PC in Skull Island: Rise of Kong

Return to the realm of the Titans as King Kong in the third-person action title Skull Island: Rise of Kong, coming up later this year.

That’s no donkey

When we met the latest incarnation of King Kong, he was already the alpha of the primordial hub known as Skull Island. An orphan, Kong basically lived as he wanted, ruling his world with few serious rivals. But what led to that is the basis for GameMill and IguanaBee Studios’ Skull Island: Rise of Kong.

The game reels back time to the point after the King’s family was killed, and reveals a beast called Gaw as the culprit. It kind of also reveals why the massive simian isn’t all that thrilled with saurian beings.

Take on an action-packed quest to avenge the death of Kong’s parents at the hands of the ultimate alpha predator: the saurian terror Gaw. Traverse the mysterious island and uncover its secrets across a variety of treacherous environments, discovering the power coursing through its exotic flora and fauna. Conquer waves of primal beasts, defeat unique bosses, and rise above all who stand in Kong’s way to being King!

GameMill Entertainment press release

As you can see there, Skull Island is a third-person action title, and will task players with both defeating monstrous foes and exploring the location itself. Players will also be able to unlock new abilities as well, and both make use of Kong’s mighty roar to instill fear, and use crushing finishing moves to put enemies down for the count.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong is scheduled to arrive for consoles and the PC later this year, and will ship in both standard and Colossal Editions. The Colossal will cost a bit more ($49.99 USD), and will include a good deal of extra content.

Players will get different colored skins for Kong, as well as a series of film-grains to cast era-specific looks on the game. But there’s actual content to play as well, with a boss rush mode (where you’ll have to take on all the titans in succession), and “a behind-the-scenes exclusive pack”. That’ll stock artwork and a soundtrack.

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