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High-strangeness abounds as Greyhill Incident lands on PC (with consoles arrival next week)

With all the alien happenings in the news as of late, Greyhill Incident’s launch has some great timing. It’s out on PC, and hits consoles next week.

Well, that’s creepy

If you’re looking for a scare, it seems like Greyhill Incident might hit the spot. The game will cast players as a father who’s searching for his missing son amidst a possible alien invasion.

Timely? Yep.

In Greyhill Incident, players equipped with only a baseball bat and a revolver – with limited ammo – must run, hide from, and fight the grey extraterrestrial invaders to uncover an alien conspiracy, save their son and make it out alive. Playing as Ryan Baker, survivors will meet weird, and often wacky, fellow Greyhill residents along the way and communicate with walkie-talkies, receiving advice on escaping from the out-of-this-world visitors. Justifiably paranoid, calling the police is out of the question fear of being sent to the psychiatric ward, leading residents to band together and take matters into their own hands.

Perp Games press release

From developer Refugium Games, Greyhill Incident is meant to play off of movies like Signs and (of course) The X-Files. If you’re up on your real-world alien lore, it’s tempting to say that it’s delving into that as well, though it’s also worth noting that The X-Files did the same, and extensively. So who’s to say really.

But either way, Greyhill Incident certainly looks like it’d provide a plenty creepy experience for those looking to add a little scare to their summertime survival-gaming. You can do that as of today too, as the title has officially hit the PC. IF you’re waiting for a console arrival, that happens on June 13th, when the title hits the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Just an added note here too, as those who buy into the Abducted Edition (PC and PS5 only) will get not only the base experience, but also a special alt-mode. Among other inclusions, the mode plays the game out as though you’re watching through a camcorder lens, in “found footage” style.

That should amp things up nicely.

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