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Stakes up, Arkane Austin and Bethesda’s Redfall is out now

Another big launch this spring, Arkane Austin’s multiplayer-centric, vampire FPS Redfell is ready to sink its fangs into Xbox and PC.

Fangs for the memories

Announced last year, Bethesda’s Redfall mixes a few things together that haven’t exactly met before. How many FPS’, after all, can you name that have vampires as the main antagonists? Yeah, not too many. And on top of that, this particular title brings in a focus on team-based multiplayer PvE.

That continues to be a ‘thing’ in gaming, but although it serves as Redfall’s meat and potatoes, it’s not the only way to play. Bethesda has said that single player action is very much an option in this one too. But either way, Redfall has a focus on story, and telling its tale of vampires and dark gods.

Here’s a look:

In Redfall, players will take on a unique story-driven FPS that provides the choice to slay vampires alone or squad up with up to three other friends. It’s up to unlikely heroes Layla, Devinder, Remi and Jacob to investigate the once-peaceful island, figure out how and why the blood suckers took over, and then drive a stake right through their hearts. 

Bethesda press release

While Redfall is looking great, there are a few caveats. Well, one, and that’s that it’s apparently pretty buggy. Several sites are reporting that the game has a number of needed-fixes, and that it feels “rushed” overall. We’re not going to link to any of them here, but a quick Google search will connect you with the reviews.

Whether or not you want to take the plunge is of course up to you, though you do have a nice little option. While Redfall is out now via Xbox Series X|S and the PC, it’s also on Game Pass. So if you subscribe there, you could always just grab a copy and give it a whirl for the heck of it. One of the nice perks to that service.

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