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The Last Case of Benedict Fox joins Next Fest, launches in April

If you’re a fan of gorgeous side-scrollers and like a little bit of the ol’ cosmic horror to boot, then you need to check out The Last Case of Benedict Fox.

Turning upside-down

From Rogue Games and developer Plot Twist Studio, The Last Case of Benedict Fox promises “cinematic” action, and is awash in Lovecraft-style horror themes.

The title character is a private detective in 1920’s Boston, and if you know anything about the works of HP Lovecraft, you have a good idea of where this is heading. Not that The Last Case of Benedict Fox is based on any of the already-existing stories from the writer.

This is something entirely new, though a tale that feeds off of the themes of terrors from beyond. Plus, running in 4K and at 60fps, it’s just absolutely fantastic-looking.

Step into 1925 Boston as the eponymous self-proclaimed detective to experience the deep mauve haze, sinister spires, foreboding footpaths, and unnerving reverberations of Limbo. As Benedict, you will delve further into oblivion to uncover the truth behind a mystifying family tragedy while answering to the whims of a demon that possesses his soul. Delve into memories of the dead through a chilling narrative interwoven with exhilarating combat and mind-bending puzzle design. Explore the arcane realms of life and death in the universe of Limbo as far as your psyche will allow, but beware, this case can easily consume you… leaving behind a never-ending and nightmarish comatose in its wake. Will this case be solved, or will you succumb to the insanity? 

Rogue Games press release

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming to Microsoft’s console as an exclusive, though it’ll be on the PC as well, via Steam and Epic. You can look for it to debut on April 27th, but you can actually get started much earlier than that.

If you have a PC, you can dig into Steam’s currently-running Next Fest, and grab a demo to try right now. Just be quick, as said sneak peek expires on February 13th.

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