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NECA’s annual 12 Days of Downloads kicks off with the TMNT

Oh my is it checklist time already? Yep, tis indeed, and NECA is launching into 2022’s edition of the 12 Days of Downloads with the Turtles.

Well, some of the Turtles

If you haven’t been paying attention, there are a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy lines out there right now. And a good chunk of them come out of the company that pretty much saved the license, NECA.

NECA has been making Turtles toys for a long time. And the company’s offerings have evolved from one and two-offs, to convention exclusives, to store-exclusives, to now having pretty much everything be available in one way or another. Whether that’s just more of what’s in question being out there, or a combo of store-exclusivity and online sales, NECA’s Heroes in the Half-shell are everywhere. And did I mention the constantly-growing stable of sub-lines?

If you lost track, NECA has figures hailing from the classic cartoon show, the original Mirage Comics, the iconic movie series, completely new stuff (like the Monsters), and even the freaking Archie Comics. So with all of that, it’s kind of fitting that the 12 Days of Downloads begins with Turtles.

The movie Turtles lead the way here, with the addition of the new Universal Monsters crossover series, and the Musical Mutagen Tour pack.

As you can see there, there are a few surprises in this one. For one thing, I don’t think we’ve gotten really clear press imagery of Yoshi and Saki from the first TMNT flick. They’re here in all their glory, plus Keno from TMNT2: The Secret of the Ooze! Previously only hinted at, Keno has his moped as well, which is the first vehicle to appear in the line.

Remember too, this is just day one, so there’s plenty more stuff on the way, and hopefully a few more reveals as well. Check back every day for more, and click here to see NECA’s official page for this year’s 12 Days, as well as a catalog of past drops.

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