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Two new carts arrive for Evercade as the EXP is delayed to December

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for Evercade fans, as the latest hardware has been nudged back a month, but a pair of new game collections have arrived.


Announced a while ago, the Evercade EXP is the first revision of the original retro-centric hardware. It’s kind of a night and day difference too, both in terms of the overall look and the guts inside it.

The EXP ups the ante over the original in a few ways, including an IPS screen, built-in WiFi, and the new TATE mode. If you don’t know what that is, it basically allows you to flip the handheld into a vertical orientation, for vert-shooters and the like.

But while there’s a lot to get excited for, Blaze Entertainment says that the Evercade EXP won’t be ready for launch after all. The little console needs a little more time in the over to “hone some of the technical features and abilities”.

So instead of November 24th, you’ll be able to expect the unit to hit retail on December 15th. As you’ll notice, and as Blaze notes, fans should still be able to get theirs in time for Christmas. So while the delay is a little bit of a drag, it’s not all that terrible in the greater scheme.

How bout some games though?

Even in the face of that delay however, Blaze has a pair of new carts landing right now. While both are (of course) retro-themed, one features significantly more modern titles, while the other centers on a console that has a place near and dear to many older fans hearts.

Alwa’s Awakening 8-bit edition is a fantastic version of the incredible Indie game. Following in the vein of many classic 8-bit adventures, this great adventure title from Elden Pixels brings a large interconnected world for you to discover, upgrades to acquire and puzzles to solve. Can you save the land of Alwa.

With this collection, you also get Evercade’s first native game released on a cartridge. Cathedral from Decemberborn is a great Metroidvania adventure game with over 60 hours of exploration and gameplay across 600 rooms of puzzles, challenges and enemies. And it’s not emulated – this game has been ported specifically for Evercade.

With THEC64 Collection 1another first comes to Evercade with the first of our new Home Computer line. 14 great titles from the history of the iconic 1980s computer including Impossible MissionLeeSummer Games, and more!

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