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Sonic Origins gets a bunch of fixes today, thanks to new update

If you’ve been playing Sega’s Sonic Origins, then you might’ve noticed some issues. Well, after today, those will (hopefully) no longer be a problem.

Original patch

It’s kind of funny that the games on this new Sonic collection were all originally released on a console that didn’t require patches or fixes of any kind. Yes, I know that the SO games all have been altered a bit, but still, here we are in the modern age and of course something needs to be seen to post-launch.

In the case of Sonic Origins, that was actually quite a few things. For someone who hasn’t played the set of games, it sounds like it might have been some pretty major stuff too. And I say “might have been” since Sega has released a patch to take care of things, and get the title up to snuff for patient fans.

Among other things, patch 1.04 includes fixes for:

  • Game crashing issues
  • Issues with Tails’ AI
  • Sound bugs
  • Menu and controller issues
  • Museum miscredits
  • Data saving issues

While that seems like the bulk of what’s covered, you can read more on the official page for the game here. Featuring “remastered visuals, added features, bonus characters, new content and more”, Sonic Origins is out now on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the Switch and PC.

While I have yet to try it, this kind of makes me want to pick up a copy. How ’bout you?

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