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Fresh Resident Evil news includes new-gen RE2/3/7 compatibility, and RE4 details

Capcom’s not-E3 event yesterday delivered a bevy of Resident Evil news, including the surprise launch of new-gen editions of RE2, RE3, and RE7.

Three evils

It wasn’t long ago that Resident Evil 2 set the standard for remakes. The game offered up a soup to nuts recreation of the original fan-favorite title, bringing it up to the quality of the last generation of consoles. After that, it was only a short time til fans got a remake of Resident Evil 3 that did much the same. And now? Now it’s Resident Evil 4’s turn, though you knew that already.

We first showed you the remake of RE4 last week, and unfortunately Capcom didn’t have all that much more to talk about during its press event. So if you’re up to speed with that, well you’re pretty much up to speed on everything.

But even so, it does sound like you can expect a lot of what we already got with the previous two releases. That meaning there are going to be a few alterations.

“The development team aims to dial up the original release’s key feelings of loneliness and the fear of enemies blinded by zealotry; when the action-packed survival horror title reawakens March 24, 2023.”


And here’s that trailer, if you haven’t seen it:

And since we’re already talking about modern consoles, we might as well also cover the RE2, RE3, and Resident Evil BioHazard news. All three of those titles will be making the official jump to the current generation.

RE2 and RE3 had been speculated for a while, though I hadn’t heard Resident Evil 7 mentioned. Nevertheless, all of those titles will be making the leap, complete with lots of AV bumps and DualSense compatibility.

And as you’ll see below, all of that is live right now.

Resident Evil™ 2Resident Evil™ 3, and Resident Evil™ 7 biohazard reanimate today on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S with 4K resolution, ray tracing, high frame rate, and 3D audio. These cutting-edge features offer a more vivid, smooth, and immersive experience. DualSense™ haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support is also available on PlayStation 5. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can upgrade at no additional cost via the digital upgrade program and Smart Delivery. PC patches for all three titles arrive today as well.

Capcom press release

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