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Tabletop sensation Gloomhaven comes to consoles in 2023

One of the biggest tabletop hits in years, Gloomhaven is a bit of a juggernaut. And it’s coming to consoles some time next year.

In the Glooming

If you’re a tabletop fan, then you likely know a fair shake about Gloomhaven. An absolute beast of a board game from Isaac Childres, Gloomhaven seems to sellout whenever it comes back into stock at gaming shops, and has pretty much dominated fan discussion for a few years now.

It’s also a tactical strategy game, currently on the PC and in Early Access form. Almost as big of a hit as the physical version, the digital edition of the game has sold some 500k copies since its debut.

The title should be somewhat familiar for genre fans. It pits players against all manner of foul beasts, in a turn-based tactical manner, setting them on quests through a fantasy world.

And now it’s on the way to consoles.

Set in a medieval dark fantasy universe, Gloomhaven is a tactical RPG mixing card-based strategy and adventurous dungeon crawling, featuring solo play and online co-op. Sell your sword to any who can afford it, and carve your way through dark caves, dreadful forests, and terrifying dungeons filled with horrific monsters to reap your rewards… or die trying.

Lead your band of mercenaries through an unforgiving world where every choice can have life or death consequences. Each of Gloomhaven’s 17 unique characters comes with their own skills and more than 1,000 different abilities to master. The digital version of Gloomhaven has continued to grow since launch with new content and updates, including the recently released “Jaws of the Lion” DLC.

Saber Interactive press release

From Saber Interactive and Asmodee, Gloomhaven is out now on the PC and Mac (in Early Access), and will be landing on consoles some time in 2023.

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