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Classic fantasy title The Wheel of Time returns to head up GOG’s newest collection

Remember when “GOG” stood for “Good Old Games”? GOG does. The shop has a brand new collection called just that, with a fantasy classic leading off.

The wheel turns

The Wheel of Time seems to be a pretty popular IP right now. The classic fantasy book series from author Robert Jordan has an Amazon TV show that recently wrapped up its first season. And while we’re not talking about a new video game (yet), we do have some news about a remaster of a classic one.

The Wheel of Time debuted on the PC back in 1999, from Legend Entertainment. Interstingly enough, it’s a first person perspective RPG that eschews swords. Instead players wield magic via a series of artifacts. So kind of a unique twist there, that I don’t think any modern titles feature.

In any event, the game now returns thanks to Red Eagle Games and Nightdive Studio, in addition to online storefront GOG itself. It seems the title is leading off for the latter’s Good Old Games initiative.

The brand new corner of the shop focuses on the classics, and has an exclusive in The Wheel of Time.

Originally developed by Legend Entertainment and released in 1999, The Wheel of Time is a fantasy-themed first-person shooter set 150 years before the events of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series and the hit Amazon TV show. The game follows Elayna Sedai, the Keeper of the Chronicles of the White Tower, as she embarks on a perilous quest to retrieve one of the four lost seals keeping the terrifying and mysterious Dark One imprisoned. Explore familiar locations like the crumbling city of Shadar Logoth, the Mountains of Mist, and the White Tower while engaging in a glorious quest to ensure the safety of the realm.

Nightdive Studio

The Wheel of Time is available right now via GOG on the PC, and will run you $9.99 USD.

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