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Zen’s newest table remasters a pinball classic with Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

Grab your fedora and your leather jacket, and get ready to replay a pinball classic. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is coming up in 2022.

Adventures in tilt

For pinball aficionados, there are a few classic tables that get mentioned over and over. These are usually the older, more original ones, though there are a few licensed tables that pop up now and then too.

One that you might’ve seen mentioned a few times is Indiana Jones. Originally launched into arcades and pizza joints in 1993, the table featured a bunch of callbacks to the famed movies of the same name.

Now Zen Studios is bringing that hefty dose of nostalgia back, courtesy of Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure. The new table recounts the original, but also has been enhanced in ways that one Zen could manage.

From the press release:

  • “Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure” combines a fan-favorite Williams machine with everyone’s favorite adventurer – enjoy the original music, sounds, rules and look of the machine brought to the digital space for the first time.
  • Experience the table just as you remember it, with true-to-life Pro
  • Physics simulation, carefully developed by the pinball experts at Zen, using super slow-motion footage to capture flipper, rubber and ball movements to better understand and recreate pinball mechanics.
  • Discover the table in a new way with 3D effects in the ‘Enhanced’ version, including side wall art, ball trailer effects, particle effects and a whip-wielding Indiana Jones.
  • Play at home, with friends, or compete online with single-player, local multiplayer, challenge, and tournament modes.

The above will be introduced for a number of Zen’s platforms, including the newest editions, on basically all current consoles and PC. Expect the man with the hat to arrive in summer 2022.

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