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GI Joe Alley Viper and BAT finally hit pre-order

After a false-start, 2 of the most highly-anticipated GI Joe figures are ready for pre-order. Though you’re gonna be waiting a while to actually get them.


It’s been a long and somewhat strange journey for both of the GI Joe Classified figures that just hit pre-order. Well, maybe a little longer and stranger in the case of the Alley Viper, but you get the point.

Just to recap it, The Alley Viper was listed on the box-backs of some of the earliest figures in the line. That kicked off about 2 years back, and fans eagerly awaited what looked to be a faithful recreation of the classic Cobra trooper. And then they waited… and then they waited some more.

While multiple other Cobra troop types appeared, the urban assault trooper did not. That’s to say, until this fall, when he was officially revealed alongside the Battle Android Trooper. Both figures looked incredible, and paid homage to the 80s originals.

As a side-note, the whole line is currently doing this. It appears Hasbro took early criticism that the series was ‘too sci-fi’ to heart. As a long-time fan myself, it’s very much appreciated. But let’s get back to the case at hand, because it gets even stranger.

After the reveal, and I mean pretty much right after, the figures started shipping from Walmart. The retailer had placeholder listings on its website for a short time, and some collectors had placed orders of them, just to try their luck. Needless to say, they were rewarded big time. Actually, bigger then they realized at the time, since the release date for both figures pegs them squarely in… June/July 2022.

So how did Walmart get figures that are still 7 months out? Not a clue, though you never know, the mid-2022 date might be a bit too generous. We’ll have to see if they do in fact hit stores earlier.

If you can’t wait though, as we mentioned they are in pre-order right now. You can grab a pre-order via most of the bigger online toy shops, and that includes our sponsors at Entertainment Earth.

Figures are available separately or in cases via EE, which nets you 2 of each, plus 2 Gung Ho’s (?). Hit the links below to check ’em out or order.

Purchases made via the above Entertainment Earth links will result in BG receiving a small commission

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