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Celebrate 30 years of red-symbiotes in Carnage Forever

Believe it or not, the Spider-Man/Venom villain Carnage has been around for a long time. And Marvel is ready to celebrate 3 decades of menace.

Carnage Forever

We’ve seen a lot of Carnage in recent years, from huge Marvel U-spanning events to Venom movies. But now the crazed killer is about to do something else, celebrate 30 years on the stands.

It’s actually kind of tough to believe as a fan who was there for his debut, but Cletus Kasady is officially 30. Marvel has a prepped a social one-shot for the occasion too, with Carnage Forever #1.

Phillip Kennedy Johnson will take the reins for the book, fresh from his stint on Marvel’s Alien ongoing. He’ll be joined by Ram V on the visuals, as well as Ty Templeton, and Edgar Salazar.

Cover art by Kendrick Lim

Here’s Johnson and Ram V’s take on the project:

“What makes Carnage such a fun challenge to write is that everyone THINKS they know what to expect from him,” Johnson explains. “I’m a huge fan of horror stories in any medium, and getting to lean into the unbridled violence and terror of Carnage—while also finding new ways to subvert reader expectations—has made it a complete thrill.

“We’ve seen plenty of ‘slasher film’ takes on Carnage, and in Extreme Carnage we got to see him and his family in a sort of Manchurian Candidate context. For CARNAGE FOREVER, I wanted to show Carnage in an almost Exorcist-like setting. Without spoiling it, we see him make an unexpected bond with a very unexpected kind of character, with all the grisly and horrifying consequences Carnage fans have come to expect.”

Phillip Kennedy Johnson

“It’s been a lot of fun working in the Symbiote corner of the Marvel Universe. Now with Carnage Forever, I’m thrilled to have a chance to tell some absolutely twisted tales for the killer symbiote for this anniversary collection and perhaps seed some ideas for things to come!”

Ram V

Carnage Forever #1 is set to debut on the racks this February the 23rd. But what’s that you say? This just is not enough Carnage for you? Well then you’ll be happy to know that Carnage will be getting his own ongoing series in March of 2022. Yep. That, uh, that should be interesting.

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