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Trailer: Zombies, mutants and aRPG gameplay, Decision: Red Daze arrives in early ’22

Theres’s a lot going on in Decision: Red Daze, and I don’t mean the zombies and mutants. This aRPG works in tower defense and squad-based play.

In a Daze

Decision: Red Daze is an isometric Action RPG with a unique blend of survival and tower defense mechanics. The Red Daze is a nightmarish bacterial infection that has plagued the continent, leaving behind death, destruction and horribly mutated monsters in its wake. Small bands of survivors exist, and they are the only hope of humanity. You must recruit these survivors, band together and fight off this dangerous disease and reclaim the planet. Danger is always present as you explore the world as you fight off hordes of zombies, mutants and other terrible creatures that will try to kill you on sight. 

Decision: Red Daze is set in the Dust Bowl —a region rife with blistering heat and dust. These weather conditions allowed for the Red Daze to become airborne which now threatens to engulf the entire continent in it. The Red Daze has shaped the world and human history for millenia, with governments and world powers constantly at each other’s throats. It now falls into the hands of groups of survivors, soldiers and scientists to find a way to stop the propagation of the red daze.  


No release date just yet for Decision: Red Daze, though we know it’s scheduled to arrive on the PC in early 2022. Expect to see it on Steam.

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