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Spawn’s Universe sets Image record with 200k copies sold

Todd McFarlane’s latest comic book initiative has proven to be quite popular with fans, as Spawn’s Universe has shattered an Image record.

Spawning hits

If you don’t know who Todd McFarlane is, then you’re either a new comic book fan, or honestly not much of one. Then an artist and writer, McFarlane cemented himself as one of the biggest names in the industry back in the 90s. That was mainly on Spider-Man for Marvel, where he co-created Venom, though he also worked on several other big-named books.

But Marvel wasn’t the end point for him, as McFarlane went on to help forge Image Comics. Today the 3rd biggest imprint in the industry, Image saw the debut of his original superhero title Spawn. The rest, as they say, is history. McFarlane’s Spawn went on to star in not only comics, but also an animated series, action figures, and even a few video games.

Spawn’s Universe cover by Todd McFarlane

After a bit of a trip through limbo, the hero is back in action, and in a very big way. The action figure line is back, the comic book is rolling, and now he’s got a whole universe to play in.

Spawn’s Universe #1 is set to see release on June 23rd. When it hits, the book will set the supernatural character into a much larger universe of heroes and villains. Orders are in already of course, and it’s cleaned up to the tune of “well over 200k units”. That’s pretty impressive, especially by today’s standards.

Not that Spawn is stopping. King Spawn will join the renaissance this August, as the first new ongoing Spawn title since 1992. It’s also on track for a monster launch, with orders exceeding that of Spawn’s Universe. And past that, first issues for Gunslinger and The Scorched will arrive this October and December, respectively. Coincidently, both of those will also break 200k units.

So yeah, it’s kind of a big year for the necroplasmic warrior.

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