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The Superman family of books gets a big shakeup this summer

Don’t worry, Superman doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, but Earth does have a new Kryptonian hero and an all-new Man of Steel.

Son of Kal-El

As the summer approaches, so does a mighty revamp of the Superman books at DC Comics. DC’s headlining hero has had a pretty tumultuous time of it since the dawn of the New 52, and that roller coaster ride continues with his removal from the book that holds his name.

That’s right, Superman won’t star… Superman. Or, will it? The answer of course, is kinda. Beginning in July, Superman will get a fresh run, with a new number one issue, and that #1 will also come with a subtitle – Son of Kal-El.

DC is billing this new book as an “ongoing series”, so it’s likely that Jon Kent will bear the big S logo for some time. But again, that does not mean that his dad is going anywhere.

Superman continues

Yes, his namesake book will be featuring a different Kryptonian, but the original Superman will still have his monthly adventures. Action Comics #1033 will see the start of something new, focusing on the refugees of Warworld.

The issue will reportedly take the action from Atlantis to the Fortress, where Lois Lane has a run in with some former Warworlders. But there’s a backup story here too, as the 40 page issue will also showcase The Authority’s Midnighter, as he infiltrates the Trojan compound, crossing paths with none other than Mister Miracle.

Speaking of the Authority, there’s another new Clark Kent-centric book landing in July too, and it’s Superman and The Authority. In the new book, Superman will be dealing with more Warworld shenanigans, and be employing The Authority as backup.

No, there’s no Justice League here, but instead a decidedly odd team-up for what’s looking to be a battle of the teams. On the Man of Tomorrow’s side will be an all-new Authority, made up of Manchester Black, Apollo and Midnighter, Enchantress, Natasha Irons, Lightray, and OMAC. Yep.

So who are they facing off against? The Ultrahumanite, and an as-yet unrevealed villainous squad of his own. Interesting stuff, and definitely something different for Superman fans to check out.

Look for Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 on the racks on July 13th. Action Comics #1033 on the other hand, will land on July 27th, and Superman and The Authority #1 will debut on the 20th. In keeping with the Super-theme too, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #2 will arrive in July as well, also arriving on the 20th.

Check out more on all of the above on DC Comics’ site, here.

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